Rachael Hutchings

Pianist, Composer

Scores available at Veritas Musica Publishing

Exigencies for violin and piano

I wrote Exigencies in the spring of 2012. My intention was to combine idiomatic violin writing, such as that found in Beethoven or Berg, with intense modern harmonies. I wanted to use the incredible expressive range of the violin to carry the character of the piece through many emotional states, including longing, impetuousness, and intense excitement. In the piano writing, I was specifically inspired by the pianism of my friend and colleague, Kristen Jürgens. Some of the piano textures came from thinking about her unique style of playing and her flair for chromatic figurations. I was also greatly inspired by violinist Sarah Whitnah throughout the compositional process. Ms. Jürgens and Ms. Whitnah premiered Exigencies on November 11, 2012, at the Lamont Composers Concert Series.

Sarah Whitnah, violin
Kristen Jürgens, piano